n the prebuilt theme, we have 3 different types of layout for mapdoc view.

Full width mapdoc

This the most simple layout for mapdoc, the only difference from the nomal post template is all mapdoc cards will be set as full width automatically.

There are two more layouts which would be more interesting.

Please refer to the following demo for this layout:

Seven Wonders: Engineering Feats
The American Society of Civil Engineers presents seven modern engineering marvels, stretching from South America to Europe.

Map on sidebar

This is the most flexible layout of mapdoc. When the post is rendered in landscape view, the mapdoc will be placed at the right sidebar. As you resize the window, or change the mobile device orientation to portrait mode, the layout will change to fix-on-top mode automatically.

Please refer to the following demo for this layout:

Rwanda Zimbabwe Botswana Nature Discovery Tour
Private tour for 11 nights and 12 days, departing from Chengdu, register 90 days in advance of the departure date, reduce 500 yuan per person, and give away the “Safe Travel” travel protection plan for Asia, with a coverage of up to 2.2 million.

Fix on top

The mapdoc card will automatically stick on the top of the view with the reading progress.

Please refer to the followoing demo for this layout:

The Adventure Map of Nils
This post is the map of the famous book “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils” Chapter 1 - The Boy

Change layout by one click

The is no special work needed when you want to change the layout of posts which contain one or more mapdoc cards. Just go to the setting panel, select the post template and save. That's all, pretty simple, right?

Multiple mapdoc cards and scenes

If you are using "Map-on-sidebar" or "Fix-on-top" layout, the reader always see only one mapdoc card instance. If the post contains more than one mapdoc cards, it will be switched along with the reading progress automatically, and if one mapdoc card contains one or more scenes, it could also be switched as you set with scene card.